So to start of i want to say how much i loved my day.

All delegates woke up and got a wonderful breakfast from the Local cafe and restaurant that is located in Centennial College. Later on , we started going downstairs to get our hair and makeup done . In my case, the makeup artist that did my makeup was Rebecca. By the way, go follow her on Instagram she is a great makeup artist @rebeccahilsmakeupartistry.

Furthermore,   all delegates went to get their photoshoot, videoshoot and their interview. My favourite part was the photoshooting  i was really feeling myself. Then, we all went to our  reharsel for the opening number dance and  for our final show practice.

To finish off the day, we ate Clean Meals and it was amazing . Thanks to Clean Meals for sponsoring Miss Teenage Canada. The food was amazing and  i absolutely loved it .Clean Meals is a great way to eat good and  delicious. It’s all about healthy food and that’s a great thing because staying healthy is a need in your life.

Healthy food is food that is retailed to give human health effects more then a normal healthy diet required for human nutrition. To continue, Clean Meals is here for all people that don’t have time to cook.

Written by: Sinthia
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